maandag 11 december 2017

Not by Bread Alone. God’s Word on Present Issues

I would ask your attention for attention for a little book published already a couple of years ago, but still available and what is more important still very relevant. The author is David Broughton Knox, who was very many years Principal of Moore Theological College. After his retirement who served for several in the newly founded George Whitefield College in Kalk Bay, South Africa.
The Anglican diocese of Sydney is known for the fact that it still adheres to the original confession of the Anglican Church expressed in the Thirty Nine Articles. David Broughton Knox was just as his brother- in-law Marcus Loane, who was archbishop of Sydney and primate of Australian, a confessing Anglican evangelical and a great lover of the Reformed doctrines of grace.
In Not by Bread Alone David Broughton Knox discusses a wide variety of issues in the contemporary as the purpose of creation, race, money, sex, women liberation, homosexuality and abortus; all areas in which the witness of the Bible and the spirit of this age clash. 
Knox points us the only fully reliable guide, namely the teaching of Scripture which Jesus Himself prescribed. He shows us that a real Christian life is a life in obedience to Scripture as the voice of the living God and centered on God Himself. Such a life is both a really satisfying and enriching life.

David Broughton Knox, Not by Bread Alone. God’s Word on Present Issues (Edinburgh: Banner of Truth, 1989), paperback, 143 pp., £2,80 (ISBN 0-85151-565-7)