vrijdag 1 januari 2016

God Dwells among Us

The substance and basic thesis of this book is distilled from G.K. Beale The Temple and the Church’s Mission: A Biblical Theology of the Dwelling Place of God. The basic form of the present book was a seven-week sermon series preached by Mitchell Kim in Water Alliance Church in Chicagoland. Translating the sermons back to a written format allowed significant amplification and deepening of the material.
The main line of the book the priestly service of Adam in Eden finds it final fulfilment in the New Jerusalem. The tabernacle and the temple are representation of the creation. The Holy of Holies can be compared with the Garden of Eden. 
The central difference between Eden and the temple is the means provided for the purification of sinful people through the altar of burnt offering in the outer court. The New Testament shows us Jesus and his Church as the New Temple.
The authors speak about Jesus as Eden rebuilt and the Church as Eden expanding. In the New Jerusalem as the city without a temple because the Lamb is its temple Eden is completely expanded. God Dwells Among Us is an important book about a mayor biblical theme. 
My only criticism is that more emphasis could have been given to the fact the redemptive work of God in Christ surpasses God’s original purpose with Adam in Eden and in connection with the notion the personal application of salvation.

G.K. Beale and Mitchell Kim, God Dwells among Us: Expanding Eden to the Ends of the Earth, IVP, Nottingham 2015; ISBN 978-1-78359-191-6; pb. 211 pp., price £11,38