woensdag 11 juni 2014

Groen van Prinsterer: A Dutch statesman who confessed the Gospel of Christ 7 (end)

The end of Groen van Prinsterer’s life.
On May 19 of the year 1876 Groen van Prinsterer passed away in Christ. Mrs. Groen van Prinsterer formulated the text of the mourning-letter thus: ‘Today my very beloved husband Guillaume Groen van Prinsterer passed away, in an unshakable faith in his Lord and Saviour, to Whom he had dedicated his life.’ In the Decem­ber issue of 1875 of the periodical  Nederlandse Gedachten (Dutch Thoughts) Groen van Prin­sterer had written his spiritual testament, as he felt his end nea­ring.
That reads as follows: ‘I am going to die with the prayer of the Publican: O God! Be merciful to me a sinner! With the words of the Heidelberg Catechism: my only comfort in life and death. With the shout of joy: I thank God through Jesus Christ, our Lord. With the battle-song of the Reformati­on: put on the whole armour of God, and the sword of the Spirit, which is God’s Word. With the motto: not a statesman, but a confessor of the Gospel.’
Might all those who are really Reformed live by this heritage, in the church and in politics; not only in the Netherlands and in Europe but also all over the world.